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Sage Strategies offers a variety of services with our main focus being small business, nonprofits and government agencies in rural parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas.  If you don't see what you need, please contact us - we may be able to help you or can offer a referral to someone who can.

Project Management

One time Project Management is great for a business or entity that doesn’t want to hire another employee or their current employees have no more time to complete what needs to be done.  This is a short term contract with a beginning, end and a specific result identified. 


Some of the things we have worked on in the past include:


    • Emergency Manuals for a multi-location entity
    • Surveys
    • Marketing Plans
    • Feasibility study for a city on the use of historic building
    • Feasibility study for a town on a potential ballot issue
    • Operations Manuals
    • Feasibility study for a county on jail needs for the future
    • Series of information gathering meetings around a region


Business Coaching

Business Coaching is for the executive or soon to be promoted employee to have a place to discuss ideas, problems, hopes, obstacles.  The biggest advantage is just the ability to have a sounding board that is neutral and confidential.  I can offer ideas and help keep you “pumped up” when things look a little bleak.   It might be a book to read, another way to look at something or just to listen.  Coaching can be accomplished by telephone, E mail or in person at our location.


 Social Media

Social Media is the fastest growing way of marketing your business in the country.  Those not on at least one form of social media are doing a disservice to themselves and their customers.  We constantly explore the new formats coming out, identify which works well for what customer types and continually educate ourselves with the changes in existing social media.  Sage Strategies can do it all for you (though not totally – the owner / manager must play a part for success) or we can do just certain pieces in your overall social media outreach.


We are currently working with or have worked with these types of clients:


  • Restaurant
  • Retail Store (2)
  • Gas Station/Convenience Store/Deli
  • Arts
  • Political Advocacy
  • Agriculture
  • Fundraising Event
  • Music Festival
  • Auto and Hardware Store
  • Nail Salon
  • Christmas Holiday Promotion
  • Automotive
  • Communications
  • Economic Development

We can give you that local touch and versality that out of town vendors can not.  We also will only work with one type of business in a county so that we can personalize and promote fairly.  Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Sage Strategies Social Media Plans


Strategic Planning / Facilitation

Strategic Planning / Facilitation are useful for private business, nonprofits and government agencies to help focus a group on the needs of the future and the direction to be taken.  Often an outside person can be beneficial in getting all the thoughts and information from participants to allow viewpoints from all sides.  By working with the client we can help identify your needs and goals and how the process will best work in your setting.  We have worked with the private sector, the nonprofit sector and the government sector

Excellent job today – I thought your facilitating was even better than last time!   Sandy Engle, Colorado Plains Medical Center


 Event Planning

Event Planning is time consuming with lots of details to juggle.  Sage Strategies can help by taking over the reins of the entire event or just the portions where you need extra help and input.  The owner of Sage Strategies has a degree in hotel and restaurant management, spent 10 years planning and implementing Chamber of Commerce events and another 11 years planning four conferences a year for a political advocacy group.  We know event planning from both sides of the issue.  We work within your budget, give you options and make sure you are informed and in agreement every step of the way.  We can handle ticket sales, promotional materials, gift bags, speakers, entertainment, onsite registration and staffing.   We do not do any fundraising.


 Non Profit Management

Non Profit Management, especially when a group is just starting out, requires a certain skill set.  We can help you through the growing pains with all of our services above, plus the ability to have a telephone, website, mail drop right off the bat to allow you time to plan, build and grow your organization.  Then when you are funded and stable you will have everything in place to run your organization in an efficient and successful manner.


Other than business coaching which is $50/hour and the social media plans which are shown above, we price all other projects as a flat amount/rate to complete the work.  There will never any surprises, you will know what it will cost to do a project.   We are always glad to prepare a bid for your next project.