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E-Strategies Week of October 3, 2017

StopTolerating9 Stressful Things You Need to Stop Tolerating–If You Want to Be Successful

Don’t tolerate anything that stresses you or gets in the way of your success.
There are many things that can stress us out, especially when we want to create our own success stories.
Unfortunately, most of us end up tolerating some of our own bad habits, even though they cause much of the stress we experience.
So what are the stressful habits we need to stop tolerating? Here are the worst:

4 Reasons Why You Should Decline Your Next Meeting DeclineMeeting(and Spike Productivity in the Process)

Will your next meeting be an opportunity to connect on actionable ideas–or an hour long prison sentence? Here’s how to tell before you accept the invite.
Don’t you just love workdays fills with meetings? Yeah … me neither. At our company, Masthead Media, we rarely schedule them unless they’re absolutely necessary.
You’ve most likely attended one–if not innumerable!–seemingly pointless meeting. You may have even led one before. You definitely know you’re in one when your mind wanders to the zillion things you could be accomplishing instead.
Though most meetings are scheduled with the best of intentions (we’ll be more productive if we’re sitting face-to-face!), factors such as side conversations, wild conversational tangents, and lack of prep can derail any chance of driving toward your goals. In fact, most meetings are booked without any thought to goals at all.
Time is your most precious resource, and you can’t afford to waste it on an aimless chat. Whether you’re attending or running a meeting, don’t go without these four elements in place.

Want to create a Facebook presence that’s separate from your personal profile?
Have you considered creating a public figure Facebook page?
In this article, you’ll discover why you should consider a Facebook public figure page and how to set one up.

The Best Mobile Email Apps for Fast, Easy Inbox ManagementMobileApps

These apps use unconventional interfaces to help you breeze through your emails.
It’s estimated that Americans spend around six hours a day in their inbox. All that reading, writing, searching, and organizing email not only eats up our time but also our bandwidth, leaving little for the stuff we really need to get done. A number of mobile apps, however, are changing the way we interact with our email so that we can process messages more quickly and move on to more important tasks. These four lead the pack.

4 Business Lessons We Actually Learned From Kindergarten

KindergartenBusinessLessonsAre we still applying the life lessons that our parents, teachers and caregivers taught us?
The world is at a tipping point today. Leadership, technology, pop culture, all of it is changing in ways that make it hard to predict what the next quarter will bring, let alone the next two to five years.
But there are certain truths that remain important even as everything else shifts. They’re basic values, and as we become more mired in the increasing complexity of an evolving world, we could all stand to take a step back. We should not only remember the life lessons that our parents, teachers and caregivers taught us, but really consider whether or not we’re still applying them in our daily lives.
Here are four lessons we learned as schoolchildren–basic behavioral guidelines that apply just as much in today’s work environment as they did in kindergarten:

9 Signs an Employee Is Exceptionally Productive
(WhichExceptionallyProductive Never Appear on Performance Evaluations)

The most productive people do a lot more than just stay busy.
Many people stay busy. After all, checking items off a to-do list isn’t hard.
What’s hard is checking the right things off your to-do list, completing the right projects, and getting the right stuff done. That’s when an employee goes from busy to productive — and in the process become indispensable to an organization’s success.
Here are some of the things highly productive people do — and why that makes them so valuable:

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