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E-Strategies Week of April 10, 2017

TrackResultsHow to Successfully Track the Results of Your Mail Campaign

Imagine you just spent $3,000 on a direct mail campaign, the mail pieces are out the door, and you’re finished with the whole process. Now it’s back to business, fulfilling all those orders that are about to flood in. There’s nothing more to do with the mailing, right? Wrong.
Now comes one of the most critical parts of the whole operation. Assessing the results of your campaign so you know:
  • Was it worth it to spend the $3,000 in the first place?
  • Of the two versions of sales pieces you tested, which one did better?
  • Which list of names did better?

How to Skillfully Answer ‘What Is Your Desired Salary?’ in a Job InterviewDesired Salary

Interviewers will do everything in their power to get you to reveal your desired salary, but no number should come out of your mouth.
You should not answer this question. I’ll give you a scenario that is likely to happen.
An interviewer asks about your desired salary, and you say, “I prefer not to answer that question at this point” or something similar.
He then asks you the same question a few times in a few different ways to try to get you to give in and quote a number. That would be a big mistake! You have to do everything in your power to refuse answering this question. The rule of the negotiation game is that the first quoted number has to come from the employer. Never from the candidate.

PodcastWant to Start a Podcast But Don’t Know How? Facebook Live Audio Makes It So Easy Everyone Can Do It

From concerts to crimes, Facebook Live has given everyone the ability to broadcast live events in real-time. For publishers, companies and thought leaders, it’s provided a new platform to reach out to customers and fans.
Several months ago Facebook introduced a new feature, called Facebook Live Audio. It’s still in the early testing phases, but they expect it roll out to everyone in the near future.
In conjunction with my book publisher, HarperCollins, I’ve become one of the early testers of the audio-only broacast. And I think it’s going to open up even more opportunities entrepreneurs, musicians, and want-to-be podcasters.

EmailListHacks3 Ridiculously Easy Hacks to Get People to Sign Up to Your Email List

Have you ever changed the oil in your car?
It’s a pretty basic skill that surprisingly few people actually know how to do. If you do, you’ll most likely have used a funnel before.
The main idea behind a funnel is to cast a wide net that you can pour the viscous liquid into it without spilling it all over the engine block. The oil flows through the wide top end of the funnel and is neatly deposited into the narrow bottom end, filling your engine up so that the car runs smoothly.

CreativeDoing This 1 Activity Could Make You More Creative Every Day for the Rest of the Year

As another winter comes to an end, you might be thinking about
(or procrastinating) sprucing up your home. But you might not want to stop–or start–there. Science has shown that a round of spring cleaning in your office space could help you be more productive, creative, and motivated. Struggling with where to start? Here are three quick tasks you can cross off the list so you can get your office working for you in no time.

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