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E-Strategies Week of June 1, 2016

Streamline16 Essential Tools to Help Streamline Your Workload This Summer

When it comes to managing an ever-growing to-do list, many people struggle to get everything done.
Whether you’re a business owner, a solopreneur, or an individual contributor, sometimes it can seem like you have a constant stream of tasks that demand your attention – and before you know it, the day’s over and you’ve only managed to accomplish half of the tasks you needed to complete.
Fortunately, whether it’s beating procrastination, communicating more effectively with your team, or keeping on top of your brand’s social media presence, there’s a range of tools available that can help you to streamline your workload.
In this post, we’ll look at 16 of the best tools to help you better manage your workload this summer, helping you beat stress and give yourself more free time in the process.

Are you starting from scratch with social media?

Got a new product or a new business?

Having a social media launch plan is essential.

In this article you’ll discover a step-by-step plan for launching your new social media presence.

BodyLanguage9 Body Language Habits That Make You Look Really Unprofessional

If you’ve ever had a truly great boss, you know how important they can be to a company’s success. In fact, Gallup’s 2015 report, “State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders,” chalks up 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores to the quality of the respondents’ bosses.

Whether or not you realize it, using the wrong nonverbal cues can create a huge obstacle to your success. Research shows that 60 to 90 percent of our communication with others is nonverbal, which means the body language we use is extremely important.

Therefore, the way you present yourself-especially the way you communicate nonverbally in those first few crucial minutes after meeting someone new-could make or break what could potentially be a very important business relationship.

Are you sending the right messages with your nonverbal language? Are you sure?

Here are 9 ways that bad body language undermines your credibility and intentions–and make you look unprofessional–every time.


Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will

There are two key stumbling blocks that everyone has to overcome to start the journey towards their goals.

Two voices they need to get past, one internal and one (or possibly more) external.

The internal voice is the doubts we raise about our abilities and the possibility of us being successful. We can never outperform our self-perception The limiting thoughts we have about our capabilities, become real limits that are difficult to pass beyond.

OverthinkingWant to Be Successful? Quit Overthinking.

When you’ve been around as long as I have, you can look back over your life and note the events that changed your perspective and influenced how things turned out for you. They’re called turning points. They’re few and far between, and with good reason. Too many and your life would be one big chaotic mess.


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