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Sage Celebrations – August 10, 2009

Sage Celebrations
August 10, 2009

From time to time you encounter a business or person who deserves “kudos”. You smile, you think how nice and maybe you mention it to someone, but generally not. We most remember and share that thing or circumstance that really “ticks” us off.

I’ve decided I should start sharing & celebrating when I encounter this kind of service and I do encounter it often as I travel throughout the state. Maybe we can all learn lessons from some of these stories or maybe it will just reinforce what you are already doing and know that people do notice.

Celebration #1

First I had a good friend that I felt did something remarkably courageous in sharing a story and decided to send her “thank you” flowers.   Now I live in town, could have got in my car and driven to any flower shop or I could have picked up the phone and called – but then I couldn’t have seen what I was ordering.   Because I work at home I thought I would see which flower shops had a website and I found The Flower Petaler.   I looked over the examples and placed my order.   It was a little thing, very lazy on my part, but they will get my business because they made it easy for me. There may be others that have a website also, but that is the one that popped up.

Celebration #2

Kudos also to Texas Tastes and Rocco’s for their e mails letting us know the menus.

Celebration #3

Finally, the service at the Poudre Valley Hospital can’t be complemented enough. My father recently had surgery there. From the pre-op call to get everything set up to the volunteers and professionals who let you know every step of the process to the Doctors and Nurse – it was amazing. The nurses thanked the patients, the volunteers arranged for lodging, you could eat in the room with your patient, had valet parking and you always felt like they were there for the patient.

Celebration #4

Macy’s in Fort Collins gets a shout out for outstanding service. The clerk on the floor was helpful without crowding – helped me put an outfit together for a meeting at the last minute. A little of celebration was lost when after I was thanked for my business I was asked to go online and complete a survey. The clerk made sure I had her name to use. How do you gather feedback?

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