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Three (3) Words

UPDATE: I posted this the first part of January and today went back to see how I did on my three words. I’m still working on them, but can say I have made some progress. How about you – did you do the three words exercise? It is not too late.

Three (3) Words

Several posts over the weekend had to do with three words for 2012. Those three words were to be your guidelines for you and your business in 2012. So with nothing happening during the Bronco football game on Sunday to keep me engaged, I worked on my Three Words.

Commit – to growing my business, to good health; and, to learning to relax mind, body and spirit

Empower – myself to succeed; my employees to grow; my clients to stretch beyond their comfort zones; and by my financial and physical support empower my community.

Communicate – learn to soften my delivery and think before I speak, while not being afraid to make sure the message is received and understood even if it is not popular.

What are your three words for 2012?

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