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10 Random Friday Thoughts

The week is almost over and when you are in business it has its ups and downs.  The good things were great, the not so good things were stressful and everything in between was normal.  Here are a few of my observations from the week.

  1. When you are running for office and have a website please list an address, telephone number and e mail.  If you don’t want to be bothered, you shouldn’t be running for office.
  2. If you send an email, make sure people have information to contact you other than just hitting reply.  At least have a phone number, address and company name.
  3. Don’t be like me and have your logo on your signature so big that it takes a whole page when someone prints out your e mail.
  4. Sometimes it is ok to not make a grand opening, ribbon cutting or presentation when your plate is full.  (Caveat:  Really do try to make those things you have indicated you will attend, but don’t stress if something comes up and you can’t go.)
  5. Not being organized costs you money.  Make sure everything is in its place so you don’t buy duplicates.   It saves time also.
  6. Go for a walk and shake off a stressful situation.  Don’t lash out – Remember that thing about going up and down the ladder!  :)
  7. Try to learn one new thing or do one new thing each week.  This week I’m trying to get past level 65 in Toy Blast.  Last week is was Pokémon Go and trying to figure out how it might work for a client.  Still working on the Pokémon Go one.
  8. Don’t give up the cleaning person and if you don’t have one, get one.
  9. Use a vision board for a project to keep you on track.  My office door serves as that board.
  10. September is around the corner and the holiday season is right behind.  Check out my unusual holidays guide to use in your marketing.  http://sagestrategies.bizlibrary.htm
  11. I am working on my next blog which will be on Business & Politics.   Please take a minute and answer the 10 survey questions I have.

***Just ’cause you said 10 random thoughts doesn’t mean you can’t do 11.  Be a rebel like me.





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