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Does Twitter Work For Your Business?

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August 1, 2016

Happy Colorado Day from Fort Morgan, CO.

I am often asked by my clients if Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or any number of other social media programs really work for promoting their business.  I guess it depends on the type of business and how you handle your account.  Consistent postings, interactions with others and not being afraid to reach out a little.  Today I just want to share a couple of success stories (not my clients) that occurred through Twitter.

eClincher had followed me on Twitter and I kept checking them out to see what they were selling and if I wanted to “follow” them back.  What the “Hey” I decided to follow them and if they got too pushy I could always “unfollow”.  Sure enough I got the follow up contact to like them on Facebook and then check out their website.  After a couple of messages I went ahead and checked them out.   Best thing I ever did.  They are the best of Hootsuite and Social Sprout rolled into one.   I can schedule, repeat and post to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS and Pocket all at one time.  We had a rocky start getting the free trial set up, but they followed up with Twitter, E mail and telephone until it was correct and they extended their free trial to one month for me to try.  This afternoon I am going to do a training session by phone (no extra charge).  They also have over 500,000 images to use at no extra charge which is great to make my posts look even more professional.

The other one is an app call Full Contact which I stumbled across on Facebook I believe.  It syncs all my contacts from Outlook to IPhone to IPad and I can scan in business cards if I want to upgrade.

Finally, I found Photomyne on Facebook and it is great to scan photos from albums, edit them and upload.   Still learning the possibilities.

The answer to the question is:  YES!  Twitter and other social media sites work to promote your business.  You never know when something you post will catch someone’s attention.  If you are not posting, interacting and being consistent and relevant you have lost out.



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