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Social Media Never Dies

hour glassFor those of you familiar with LinkedIn you know that you get pop ups of people you might know and might want to connect with.  The other day a name of a colleague who has passed away popped up.   I know I have at least two friends on Facebook that are no longer with us.  After I had a few moments of sadness, it made me think about what would happen with my social media accounts, both personal and professional, if anything happened to me.   My family probably would not think about it with all the other things and emotions they will be dealing with.   Here are some ideas I came up with to help us pre-plan and to help our families out with that just “one more thing” to be done.

1. Somewhere (with your will if necessary) you have a list of all accounts and passwords. Most sites are not easy to deal with if you don’t have the user names and passwords.

2.  Make sure your family is aware of where that list is and what has to be taken down.  They can do it themselves or hire a social media company to help them out.

3.  If your family wants to keep the information on your sites they can now have books made from your postings to preserve your history.

4.  If you are looking at business pages, you want them to be taken down and your intellectual property saved in case the business is sold.

5.  Some businesses load posts 2 or 3 months in advance to help with scheduling.  You would want to make sure those were stopped.

If anyone has other ideas, please share them.    Sage Strategies works to assist business, nonprofits and small government in rural areas through one time project management, social marketing, nonprofit administration, event planning and business coaching.

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