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E-Strategies-Week of January 3, 2017

boostsalessocialmediaBoost Sales with Social Media Engagement

The social media marketing revolution has begun! More companies are seeing the value social media can provide their business and have decided to start leveraging the various platforms to grow their sales. But so many of them are still using it wrong. They see it as a way for free advertising. They keep sharing their own content and promotions and never take the time to provide the information their potential buyers seek.
Let your competitors make that mistake!
Social media is about being “social”! That means communicating and sharing ideas, not blasting your own content as often as possible. You need to be actively engaged on the platforms where your target audience is by starting conversations.
Social media is about engagement!
Make sure your strategy is focused on social media engagement to grow your followers and connections, developing relationships with them, and continue adding to your sales funnel. That also means you need to know how often to post to your social media accounts.

The Role of Color in Brandingcolorbranding

The power of color is often underestimated by consumers. But marketers spend a lot of time thinking about this important element.
In fact, color is one of the biggest factors that marketers and designers take into account when creating a logo. Perception of color can change based on a person’s age, gender, personality, income and other factors, which means marketers must understand who their target audience is and how they wish the brand to be perceived.

thankyounotesHow to Write a Killer Customer Thank-You Note

Picture this: You arrive home to the joyous surprise of discovering a handwritten card – real mail! – hidden amongst the mound of daily junk mail. Woohoo!
We are card-carrying members of the Snail Mail Fan Club and we suspect you are, too. For the small amount of effort a handwritten thank-you note takes, it’s amazing the extent to which you can brighten the recipient’s day by sending one – and if that recipient happens to be your customer, the indisputable return on investment you’ll see.
So from one Snail Mail Lover to another: Go ahead. Make your customer’s day.

socialmediapredictions10 Social Media Predictions for 2017 (and Where You Should Be Spending Your Time)

Let’s get the credibility stuff out of the way: I know social media. I know it because I don’t just preach about it, and share posts like, “Be engaging! Tell your story!” There is an art to using social media the right way, and I’ve done so for big brands and small brands, personal brands and e-commerce brands. I’ve built multiple six-figure income streams through social media. I’ve helped people become famous in their respective markets on social media. And I’ve written over 200 full-length pieces of content online explaining best practices, strategies, growth hacks, and more.
With 2016 coming to a conclusion, I am going to make a few predictions about the current state of social media and what to expect in 2017.

Stop Missing Updates From Friends on Facebookfacebookfriendposts

If you have a lot of friends on your Facebook profile, then you know how crazy it can get when trying to keep up with everyone’s status updates. You may have tried using the Most Recent mode for your timeline, but the posts you want to read get lost in a sea of game updates and location check-ins.
To keep track of the most important updates, you should add people to your Close Friends list. However, just adding friends to the list is not enough — you’ll also need to adjust your notification settings. Ready to get started? Here’s how:

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