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E-Strategies Week of January 31, 2017


For True Employee Engagement, Follow These 6 Steps

In the 21st century, the best companies will define themselves by how well they engage their employees to produce more innovative products and services.
Command-and-control style leadership will be replaced by systems that intelligently tap the collective wisdom of an entire organization. The catch: People within the organization have to care enough to actually create meaningful change.
Unfortunately, the term engagement has lost a lot of its meaning and become a corporate buzzword. Employee engagement means this: The team is willing to put in extra discretionary effort, the sort required to create positive change.’s Top 10 Marketing Trends For 2017

With the U.S. election finally in the rear-view mirror, the marketing community can get back to normal, or at least to debating what is normal now. After a period of rapid technological changes-connecting cars, homes, and humans-insiders agree 2017 will be a year of adapting to many of the recent trends.

These Are The 5 Traits That Confident Women Have In Commonconfidentwomen

We all probably know confident women or can spot them when they walk (gracefully and boldly) into a room. They have a certain aura about them-they seem comfortable in their own skin and nothing seems to faze them. But, what exactly are the qualities that add up to being a confident woman? It varies from person to person, of course, but here are five traits that truly confident women seem to have in common. Practice cultivating these habits, and soon you will be the confident woman in the room that other people aspire to be like!

motivateyourself3 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Just Want to Quit

Some work weeks are five Mondays in a row. That’s life. Or at least that’s life as an entrepreneur. By that fifth Monday, with fires that won’t go out and the people whose opinion we value mostly being wet blankets, it’s normal to be asking if it’s worth sticking it out or if, maybe, we should just fire ourselves and go looking for another job.
We can pump ourselves up with platitudes like “quitters never win” and “failure is not an option,” but that’s seldom effective when we’re overwhelmed by urgent demands and out of time, money, and energy.
I’ve had my share of “a week of Mondays” and I’m still hanging in there after 20-plus years as an entrepreneur. Here’s what I do when it feels like the end of the road.

freakoutemployees17 Things That Freak Out Your Employees
(If You’re Doing Any of Them, Stop)

Once you hit the leadership ranks, all eyes are on you. That’s because for your employees, they use you as a barometer of how things are going. They look to you for clues on the stability of their employment.
For that reason, you have a greater impact on employee morale than you may realize.
What you do, what you say, what you don’t say – has an impact on your employees. Like it or not, intentional or not.
Here are leadership behaviors that can sway employee morale in the wrong direction. If you find yourself doing any of them – intentional or not – you now know why morale is lower than it should be.

onlineclassesThese 13 online classes will help you learn something new in 2017 – and they’re all $15

With 2017 still so young, there’s no better time to set goals for yourself; even if you’ve already let one New Year’s Resolution slip away, there’s plenty of time to start a new one.
With this in mind, Udemy is offering more than 17,000 classes on their site for just $15 each.
The deal ends on February 1 at 6 a.m. PST.
Below we’ve collected some of our favorite online courses Udemy has to offer – both best sellers from last year as well as a few perennial options.
Whether you want to learn to code, read faster, take better photographs, or speak with more confidence, there should be something that can help you stick to your resolutions. Simply enter the promo code “JANUARY1517” to redeem the deal.

Stress is unavoidable — it’s important to manage it so you can move forward and lead a productive life.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Brian Tracy explains the importance of reducing stress and how to do so quickly and effectively.
To start, Tracy recommends to plan your day in advance — plan every aspect, including leisure activities, he says. Having a plan will make you feel more in control. Next, only work on tasks that are most important to improving your life — this will help you focus and reach your goals.

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