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E-Strategies Week of February 28, 2017

tradeshownoticed4 Ways to Get Noticed at a Crowded Trade Show

For those in B2B sales, trade shows may feel like just one more thing you have to do in an already busy month. And those with this mentality are normally the first businesses to be forgotten about at the show.
Not that they don’t have my sympathies: It can be frustrating when you’re trying to stand out among so many other vendors, especially when it feels as if everyone has thought of something more creative than you.
But, if you’re ready to give trade shows another try, here are a few tips to capture the attention of potential customers.

The Best Employee Scheduling & Shift Planning Software employeeshiftmanagingof 2017

Planning employee work shifts across time slots and locations is difficult and time-consuming. We test 10 employee scheduling and shift planning software solutions to make that task easier and more efficient.

putclothesonPut Some Clothes On and Get To Work: Tips For Working at Home

I am a consultant in a large global firm and my official office is a good four-hour drive away. Whenever people hear that I work from home, they wistfully sigh and say, “you’re lucky, I wish I could do that?” I smile politely as they prattle on about how cool it would be to work in their pajamas, forgo showers and personal hygiene, and not have to worry about the mouth breathers at the office. There are others who shake their heads with furrowed brows and say, “I could never do that; I just wouldn’t get anything done.”
I’ve found that while it’s true that for many hygiene is the first casualty of the home-office employees, productivity doesn’t have to be; with a little discipline and by establishing clear and distinct boundaries between your work life and your home life here’s how you can make the most of your stay at home work experience:


10 Must-Have Tools for Small Businesses

In a world where entrepreneurship is so large and only getting larger, you need to stay on top of all the latest tools available for your small business’s success. Ever since the first Internet boom back in the 90’s companies such as Salesforce have made billions tailoring business solutions to increase productivity.
As your competitors implement these tools, you suffer in comparison. After all, the goal is to work smarter not harder. In order to keep your efficiency up and allow yourself to focus on the tasks most important to your business, you need to know what are the best tools available.
There are lots of business-oriented platforms, services and technologies on the market, which makes it hard to tell which are the best. Business needs to be done quickly and so adopting something new can have high costs. Saving you the hassle of a useless adoption or tedious searching for the best services, these are the 10 tools your business will suffer without.

The 25 Essential Rules of Modern Etiquettemodernetiquette

Social norms, manners, and etiquette are a daily part of your life, whether you realize it or not. Your impulsion to say “bless you”, after someone sneezes or your willingness to hold the door when exiting the office, are all forms of etiquette that have been conditioned into you from a young age. While they sometimes seem silly and completely arbitrary, they help maintain a kind of societal order, and cultural coherency amongst several groups of people.
In a chaotic world, these unwritten rules are pleasant reminders of mutuality, and human compassion. Here are 25 rules of modern etiquette that are important for you to know.

3 Conversation Starters to Convert Prospects Into Customersconversationstarters

Your first conversation with a prospect is one of the most important parts of the entire selling process. If you nail this conversation, you’re likely to set up a meeting, which can turn into a closed deal. Unfortunately, most salespeople have no idea how to start a successful conversation with a prospect. Instead, they just launch right into a pitch.
Instead of ruining your chances with a salesy monolog about your product or service, it’s time to be strategic about the way you talk to new prospects.

holdingyouback18 Destructive Habits Holding You Back From Success

Habits are the foundation of our everyday lives. We build our daily practices, and eventually our habits and routines shape us.
We either build good habits that support us as we move toward our goals or bad ones that undermine our ability to achieve and succeed. One thing is for certain: it’s going to be difficult to reach your dreams if you are living with a slew of bad habits.
Here are 18 destructive habits that may be holding you back from your ultimate success.

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