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E-Strategies Week of September 12, 2016

Not Getting Enough Done? Maybe It’s Because
Your To-Do Lists Are Uglybujo


When Ryder Carroll first created a video tutorial for the bullet journal, a system he created to stay organized, he only needed two tools: a pen and a notebook.

Now, exactly three years later, the wildly popular bullet journal has evolved beyond the pages of the simple Leuchtterum notebook that Carroll carries with him. If you browse Instagram using #bulletjournal or #bujo, you’re just as likely to find bullet journals designed in calligraphy, colored pencils, and doodles as those that have been written just using a ballpoint pen.


Why the Most Productive People Start Their Day at 4 a.m. (Yes, We’re Serious)

A few days ago, I shared my thoughts on what billionaire entrepreneurs do to stay productive in their spare time.
What I didn’t know is that there’s a recent productivity trend on the rise. A number of successful leaders and entrepreneurs, I have found, are declaring that they are most productive while the majority of us are still under the covers in a deep sleep.

weekendplannerFor Successful People, Planning The Weekend Is Just As Important As Planning The Week

You deserve a great weekend. Here’s how to plan ahead so you can relax and revitalize yourself for Monday.

5 Ways Volunteering Helps You Do Well While Doing Goodvolunteering

If you’re like most people, you want to make the world a better place, give back, and help others as much as possible. But on the other hand, if you work for yourself, all your extra time probably goes towards growing your business.
When I started my business 18 years ago, I had very little time for extracurricular activities. That is, until I adopted my Yellow Labrador, Taylor. Like most dogs, she had a lot of energy and enjoyed getting out of the house. That’s when I decided to get her certified as a therapy dog and we began to do some volunteer work at the local library.

customerstoriesHow to Make the Most of Your Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials send strong signals of trust because they’re candid endorsements of your product by the people who actually use your product. Your customers will always be more persuasive than you.
The good news: An effective testimonial will do a lot of heavy lifting, and can usually be put to good use throughout your marketing site.
The not-so-good news: Not every testimonial is created equal. While all kind words from customers are appreciated, a great testimonial is special because it comes from a place of sincerity but also feels personal, relatable, specific, and motivational.

10 Social Media Apps You Should Be Using in 2016 (But Probably Aren’t)socialapps

A few months ago, one of my best friends asked “Hey, have you ever heard of this rapper named Drake?” I had, indeed, heard of “this rapper named Drake,” a Grammy Award winner who has had 14 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart at one time-surpassing previous record-holders, The Beatles.

I could see my friend’s pain as she realized she had been living an unnecessarily Drake-free life for so long. I experience a similar feeling whenever I discover something remarkable that I myself have been living without-a life-changing smartphone app, for example.
With countless new apps being launched every day, it can be hard to keep up with which ones are worth your time, and which ones are best politely ignored. The right app can make your social media life easier, but finding these can be like finding a needle in a haystack. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best apps on the market.

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