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E-Strategies Week of October 3, 2016

5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Marketingoutsourcesocialmedia

In business marketing, using social media to spread the word is one of the more appealing options out there. It’s cheaper, its network’s wide and is generally convenient and fun-filled. Even then, unless social media marketing is handled with utmost care, it can be a challenging task which can sabotage your business growth into new markets. Regardless of how great your products or how strong is your customer base, a poorly handled social media marketing campaign can lead to a spread of incomplete of information, loss of revenue and time. Ultimately, your small business will lose its touch with its customer base; the lifeblood of any thriving business. The fundamental question then is: how best can your small business handle social media marketing? This guide delves into the benefits that your business stands to gain by outsourcing social media marketing.

electionsemployersElection Stress in Your Office? 8 Answers to Employers’ Most Important Questions

Less than 60 days remain until the election, leaving many employers asking the question: How do I prevent the political divide from becoming a workplace divide?
Here are eight questions employers frequently ask about the election, and the answers to them.

There Are 4 Kinds of Business Coaches. Find Out Which One You Need.businesscoaches

Three years after launching his Denver-based business, Transcription Outsourcing, in 2010, CEO Ben Walker wanted to add employees and move to a larger space. But there was a big obstacle: him. “I needed a sounding board, someone with a lot of experience I could talk through my challenges, and who had helped other companies,” he says.
In 2014, through friends’ recommendations, he met Bill Treadwell, a local executive coach in his mid-70s. The two communicated easily, and Walker hired him. Soon, Walker was huddling for a couple of hours once a month with Treadwell for a flat fee. What ensued were assignments of books to read, heavy scrutinizing of financial statements, analysis of expenses and elimination of unnecessary ones, and advice on how to better interact with his team. By early 2015, Walker had reduced expenses 35 percent and improved the employee retention rate. “My coach has had an incredible effect on the bottom line and overall office morale,” he says. Transcription Outsourcing’s 2015 revenue beat the previous year’s by 30 percent. Walker projects the same growth for 2016. “What’s even better than his still being my coach”–they now work more by phone and email–“is that he’s become a friend and a mentor,” he says. That won’t happen with every coach. And you’ll need to vet candidates carefully–there are varying certifications. But the first question is: What are you trying to fix? Follow this guide.

socialmediaimportantIs Social Media Marketing Really That Important?

Everyone knows to some extent that social media ought to be a part of any marketing strategy, but many people think that it doesn’t apply to them, or that they’re doing so well they don’t necessarily need to engage in it. This is really a risky way of thinking. Why are companies content to merely plug along rather than striving to exceed expectations? Is it a time management problem? A problem surrounding the hows and whys of reaching their unique target niche?
Some seem to think that only start-ups and small businesses (or huge brands) can benefit substantially from active engagement in social media. Having a social media presence helps define your brand where more people than ever before can learn about you and engage. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, it’s important to look at the rationale behind the necessity of having a social media presence.

7 Perks the Best Employees Crave (and They’re All Completely Free)employeeperks

The war for top talent is fiercer than ever.
It goes without saying that you need a great compensation and benefits package to attract quality employees. But every day, headhunters and rival companies are working hard to lure your best people away.
Which raises the question: What are you doing to keep them around?
If you’re serious about retaining your best employees, make sure you’re giving them the following:

14 Ways Social Media Will Kickstart Your Businesssocialmediakickstart

1. Tell your story
If you do not tell your story, who will? Social media is a perfect way to share yourself or your business with the world. Social media is increasingly becoming a starting place for customers to learn about a business, so it is important to take control of your company’s image and make sure it is helping you grow your business.

2. Make your business personal
By telling your story, current and potential customers are able to create a personal connection with your brand. People buy from brands they trust. Building a personal connection is the first step to building trust.

pr6 Secrets to More PR in Less Than an Hour a Day

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time: We who are raising startups, not pachyderms, know that the keys to success are persistence and consistency. Yet too many owners become frustrated because their businesses aren’t winning the press and social media mentions they deserve.
What to do? Here are six practical ways to take your public relations to the next level in less than an hour a day.

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