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E-Strategies Week of October 18, 2016

7 Ways to Have a Difficult Conversation Without Losing Your Clientdifficult-conversation

In business marketing, using social media to spread the word is one of the more appealing options out there. It’s cheaper, its network’s wide and is generally convenient and fun-filled. Even then, unless social media marketing is handled with utmost care, it can be a challenging task which can sabotage your business growth into new markets. Regardless of how great your products or how strong is your customer base, a poorly handled social media marketing campaign can lead to a spread of incomplete of information, loss of revenue and time. Ultimately, your small business will lose its touch with its customer base; the lifeblood of any thriving business. The fundamental question then is: how best can your small business handle social media marketing? This guide delves into the benefits that your business stands to gain by outsourcing social media marketing.Whether it’s for a first-time sales call or an interaction with a long-term client, difficult conversations seem to occur with some frequency during the sales process.
According to a study by Forrester, 90 percent of sales conversations among executive buyers surveyed did not meet with their satisfaction; and these buyers said they were all too happy to voice that discontent at the actual meeting.

Certainly, all salespeople have to deal with these situations at some point, and how they respond is vital to maintaining their relationship with the buyer. If you’re a salesperson yourself, respecting your customer’s objections, standing your ground and representing your organization with dignity — all simultaneously — is a tricky line to walk, but it’s a skill that effective professionals need to learn in order to emerge from confrontations with any hope of moving the relationship forward.

Here are seven ways to help you accomplish that.

speakingengagements10 Strategies to Prepare for Speaking Engagements

Public speaking, some people love it, some are terrified by it. There are so many articles regarding how to prepare yourself for speaking engagements that it’s overwhelming. From the old school advice of picture everyone in the room without clothes. To the look at everyone directly in the eye when you are speaking.
Advices come and go, but there are a few strategies that remain, and these are the ones proven successful when addressing a group of people.

Why Tony Robbins Wants to Get in Your Car Beforetonyrobbins
Hiring You

How the guru to the stars finds, interviews, and hires his workers.

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from a longer interview with Tony Robbins that appears in the October 2016 issue of Inc. magazine. In other excerpts, he talks about work-life balance and knowing when to pivot.–As told to Inc. Magazine
First, we determine the DNA of each job, which shows us the personality we need for the right team fit, the individual skill set needed so someone won’t be learning on our dime, and the psychology of the person we need. We describe that in great detail.
Then we focus on: Can she do the job? Is she the right team fit? Will she do the job long-term well? We ask what her goals are and if she is aligned with the job.


The 10 Social Media Manager Skills You Need for Success

There are a lot of ideas floating around about what makes a social media manager good at what they do. There are a lot of millennial out there that think, hey. They know what the youth wants, they know what relevant memes and hashtags are getting buzz. They can slap a funny .GIF on a Tweet and get a lot of retweets! What more can anyone ask for?
In reality, that’s essentially a fantasy that signals someone has no actual idea of what it takes to be a social media manager. So if that’s the case, what does it take to be a social media manager in 2016?

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How Do I Choose The Right Social Networks For My Business?choosesocialnetworks

If you’re a business owner you need to be on social media. Not only is it a very low-cost way to build your company brand, it allows you to engage and target users from all generations while gaining instant feedback on your product or service.
While there’s no denying that social media is essential for businesses, the most challenging part is actually getting started. After all, there a number of social media networks that do a variety of tasks ranging from sharing pictures to answering questions. It can get intimidating.
When I started on social media I went all in with one social network. After 3 months with no returns, I wrote off social media. It was a few months later as I was dabbling on another social network that I realized it was driving customers to my site. It wasn’t my company, but more the network that didn’t work for my company. My customers just weren’t there.
If you’re a business owner that is new to social media, here are some of the best ways that I’ve found to determine what networks you join.


The 10 Mental Skills Necessary to Become a Strategic Visionary

Business is strategy. The most successful people in our world are sharp-minded visionaries who know how to get where they want to go and are innovative in their approaches. To be successful you must learn to think strategically in all areas of business. Envisioning strategy requires both the logical and creative parts of your brain. By stretching beyond routine and habitual thinking that keep you running in a hamster wheel you’ll make real movement forward towards your desired goals. Strategic thinking is the crucial skill for success.
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