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E-Strategies Week of October 31, 2016

leaderAct Like the Leader You Want to Be

Here are seven ways to help you accomplish that. Nick Bilton, a prominent New York Times columnist and the author of Hatching Twitter, shared the best career advice he ever received in a tweet: “Imagine you in your dream job in 5 years, then work backwards figuring out how you got there.”
Knowing your end goal is crucial. And visualizing yourself as the next bestselling author or head of marketing for a newly funded startup will empower you to take the necessary steps to arrive there.

dailysuccessThe 7 Steps for Daily Success Running Your Own Business

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, there’s no doubting that. When you’re starting a small business, whether it’s your first or your fortieth, you’re going to always be on the go. There’s a lot of hustle involved with being an entrepreneur working with a new project or investment, and it can be easy to get lost in all the movement.
It’s often that entrepreneurs forget themselves in the day to day motions of being busy, busy, busy constantly. You have a checklist that will never end, but hey – lack of sleep and starvation is the price you pay for success and profit, right?


Contrary to popular belief, you can be a healthy, well-rested and functioning person while you’re an entrepreneur with a lot of things to do. Your daily schedule may be demanding, but you need to take a second to breathe sometimes. It can be hard to do, but it IS doable.

These seven steps aren’t meant to just help you, either. When you’re someone who is running a business in its early stages, your involvement is absolutely necessary, meaning taking sick days and running yourself ragged isn’t good for your fledgling company. When you’re well, your business can be well – and that’s what you’re doing this all for, right?


Is a Pivot Imminent? These 5 Signs Say ‘Yes.’

Every startup launches with great intentions, but even the most promising plans can be destroyed by uncontrollable factors and/or foolish mistakes. At this point, the startup team has the opportunity to close shop or pivot.
Do you know when circumstances call for the latter?

3 Emails Every Ecommerce Store Should Be Sendingecommercestore

Sometimes it’s difficult sending engaging emails to your customers. Seriously, how many email newsletters can you send with “This Month’s Top Picks”? The key to ecommerce email marketing is not about sending emails according to your products, but according to your customers.

Doing this requires your emails to be timely, relevant, and personalized to each customers individual interests. Both products and content need to be curated to each customers specific interests. Doing this results in 6x higher conversion rates and a 760 percent increase in revenue!

Here are the 3 emails every ecommerce store needs to be sending right now:

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meetingbeforemeetingWhen It’s Worth Having a Meeting Before Your Meeting

Imagine the following scenario. You’re a division president of a Fortune 500 company and you’ve been tapped to run a crucial new initiative. The executive committee has targeted Southeast Asia as a new market for your company, and you’re tasked with reorienting the strategic focus of your division. You know this change will be controversial, as you’re going to have to redistribute parts of your division to make the strategic plan work. You’re also going to have to lay off a small part of your workforce, and you need to decide exactly how many people and in which areas. Although you know the discussion with your executive team will be heated and that not everyone will agree with your decisions, you’re excited about the task and know you can make it work.
You schedule a meeting with your team to announce the news and discuss the details. But as soon as the meeting starts, you realize this is going to be harder than you thought. First, you realize that you misjudged how some people would react to the news. You thought certain people would immediately be on board, but they’re not. You hadn’t anticipated some of the questions they ask, so you don’t have good answers. You also notice that several team members are completely silent, typing away on their personal devices and giving each other looks as you lay out the plan. The meeting ends and you feel stressed and discouraged because it seems as if you’ve lost some key members of the team before the change initiative has even started. What could you have done differently?

Begging for a Return to Respectful Communicationsrespectfulcommunications

Because we are each a unique human beings, it is not surprising that most people are not going to see things exactly our way. Very few of us hold the same view on almost any subject. We express opinions like they are fact. Opinions, however, are often built on unsubstantiated facts with a not-so healthy dash of bias.

We hold onto these opinions as tightly as possible and as if any sane person universally agrees. If you don’t agree with me, there must be something dramatically wrong with you. This is where arguments start. If something were easily and universally provable, we would hardly have any arguments. Why do we argue? It’s in our belief that our opinion is provable even though it’s most likely not.

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