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E-Strategies Week of November 29, 2016


The 5 Challenges Keeping Marketers Up at Night

Thanks to advances in technology, 1-to-1 customer journeys are possible – and marketers are reaping the rewards. Cloud computing, the rise of mobile devices, social media, and artificial intelligence have all created opportunities for marketers to reach their customers like never before. This new ability to send and manage highly personalized content has taught customers to expect 1-to-1 relationships with every brand they love – from stores, to their bank, to medical services, and everything else. The Age of the Customer is officially here.
This is all great news for marketers. But like any major change, these marketing opportunities come with obstacles. Here are the five challenges that marketers are facing in the Age of the Customer:

elephantHow to Deal With the Elephant in the Room

Are there conversations that no one wants to discuss or obvious truths that are going unaddressed?
Well, maybe there is an elephant in the room.  Do people seem uncomfortable and everyone knows the discomfort is there and no one wants to bring up. Instead, everyone tiptoes around it, united in the unlikely hope that s it will somehow go away by itself.
You can rest assured there is an elephant in the room. How you respond to the elephant is a huge test of leadership.
Here are some strategies for dealing with it effectively.

gratitude6 Ways Gratitude Helps Entrepreneurs Grow Their Companies

It turns out you don’t need a huge budget to retain top talent in your company. What you need is to take more time out of your day to sincerely appreciate your employees. A recent survey conducted by Glassdoor found that over 53 percent of the 2,044 participants said they would stay longer at their company if they felt more appreciated by their boss. In addition, 81 percent of employees said they would work harder if they felt more appreciation.

organizedtravelingappsThe 9 Best Mobile Apps for Staying Organized While Traveling

Traveling as an entrepreneur, whether for work or for pleasure, requires a juggling act. From your sightseeing itinerary to business meetings to the responsibilities you’ve left back home, there’s a lot to be organized.

Mobile apps simplify the travel experience by making communication easier, keeping your documents in one place and setting reminders for important flights and meetings that you can’t miss. These apps won’t defeat your jet lag, but they will help keep your trip and your business running smoothly. Try Trello for sharing to-do lists, Zoom for attending office meetings online that you would otherwise miss, and Apple Wallet for securely storing your tickets and money.

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emailsubjectlinesFour Email Subject Lines That Make Everyone Hate You

When you’re waiting to hear back from someone, it’s all you can think about: Did you get the job? Is your boss impressed with your ideas? Will your networking contact pass on your resume?
You can’t stop refreshing your inbox every other minute.
It’s hard to just sit there. Everything you’re taught about being a successful professional (“Be proactive!” “Be diligent!” “Be helpful!”) goes against doing nothing. But for some reason, in the case of following up repeatedly, it’s suddenly considered rude to check in.

listsforentrepreneurs20 Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Create

Being a startup founder who is obsessed with my own personal growth, I frequently get sucked into blog posts with titles like “The top 5 traits of all successful entrepreneurs.” These articles tend to cite characteristics such as passion, persistence, inspiration, an eye for talent, a data-driven mindset, great communication skills, and the ability to galvanize team members toward a common long-term vision.

Yet there’s one extremely critical skill that I never seem to hear anyone talking about: list management.
This skill may not sound sexy, but there is absolutely no way an entrepreneur can succeed without obsessively maintaining updated lists of all resources and projects that will contribute to his or her endeavor’s success. Such lists may be in the form of spreadsheets, Evernote files, contact lists, Salesforce files, Dropbox folders, Trello boards, paper to-do lists or any number of other accessible formats.

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